Monday, March 30, 2009

Thomas + MoBella = Happy

Jonathan, the Wee Ski, and I had the chance to celebrate Stella's birthday last weekend with Anthony's. Celebrating with Anthony's calamari just makes things right in the world.

She was lucky enough to be born on the same day that the time changed this her birthday was actually just 23 hours long.

She hadn't seen Thomas since he was a few weeks old - when she was the lucky duck who got to take us to the lactation consultant for a little breastfeeding 101. That's a best friend for you...someone who will not only watch you pump (and laugh at the sight) in the hospital, but who will take you in for advice on how to get the Wee Ski to latch on and sit through the whole appointment.

See how Thomas is sleeping contently in her arms? Brace yourself.

Because when he's in my arms, this can ensue:

That's a full-on, bloody murder scream. It's when he hits the major decibels that it's just easier to yell along with him. It usually throws him off his game and makes him forget why he was yelling in the first place.

Wait. This could be why he's upset. He had gone through the whole day with his pants on backwards.

I am definitely not "fashion forward" on this one.

God bless the child that's built to use a fake fly on his backside.

And of course...self portrait!

Happy birthday, MoBella! We ♥ you!

1 comment:

foxmulder said...

Aw, thanks girl! I had a great time, and it was so good to see you guys! You're the best!

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