Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surprises in the mail

I'm starting to love the journey to the mailbox on the farm. A few hundred feet from the front door. Down the dirt road.

I think I took my 'mailbox right above the doorbell' for granted at the house in Tacoma...since I always knew when James the mailman arrived. Viper would sound the small dog warning alarm that someone was on the sidewalk in front of the house. And I would lean back on the couch, open the door, and grab the mail without getting up.

Before we physically moved the location of the doorbell below the mailbox in Tacoma, that whenever the paper was delivered (at 4:30ish in the morning), the doorbell would ring. Every. Single. Morning. I got used to it, but Viper never did. She sounded the alarm then as well.

On the farm, it's a good break in the day to walk with Thomas and the pups out to the mailbox. It's just before Thomas's afternoon nap, and I settle down with the paper and mail just after he goes to sleep.

In this e-driven world of ours, there's something about physically picking up a newspaper and hand addressed envelopes. Realizing that someone took the time to send something through the snail mail. Knowing that someone loves you by sending you a card, or wants money from you by sending you a bill. :)

Today, I found the sweetest little gift. It came just as I am preparing to finish up my maternity leave - a little surprise from my colleague at the office, Laura. Though I knew it was coming, it was so fun to find it in the mail!

It's a sweet little custom wooden block for the Wee Ski - personalized with all his birth info and a note on the bottom from Laura's family.

It will find a perfect home in the Wee Ski's nursery.

♥ Thanks, Laura, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see you soon! ♥

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KCina said...

Don't you just LOVE happy snail mail! What a wonderful gift!!! ;-)

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