Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small Successes • Vol. 4

My fourth weekly edition of Small Successes for moms (hosted over at Faith and Family Live)...this time, live from West Des Moines, Iowa at Grandma's house. Some good successes last week - full of 'firsts'. And a big Iowa update to come later today or tonight.
  1. Seven-week-old Thomas and I accomplished our first flights together. We flew from Seattle to Denver to Des Moines, and everything went smoothly. It was such a blessing to have Mom there with us. He nursed and slept in his sling and played and slept some more.
  2. I learned about packing as a mom. When we arrived, I realized he had outfits to last him for 3 weeks, and I had 3 shirts (total). I also learned to double check the suitcase before we left...I assumed that I had actually put the extra diapers INSIDE the suitcase instead of NEXT to it. When Thomas's grandma did an early morning 'emergency' run to the old Casey's General Store yesterday morning, she came back with the only thing they had -- size 3 diapers instead of the newborn diapers he still fits into. :)
  3. I made a dinner from scratch: for the first time since he was born. Baked tilapia and basil parmesan fries. It was good.


KCina said...

Great job on your first flight! ;-)

Charlie's first flights @2weeks old was uneventful until the return trip home when she totall peed thru her diaper and all over Victor right before we landed at PDX...My best advice to you..lots & lots of giant ziplock bags (for wet/dirty clothes) and an EXTRA pair of cloths (at least a shirt) for you! ;-)

Have a super time visiting your family!

~ Kathy

Anonymous said...

Look at the positive side - you did pack more than one shirt for yourself! Funny how our focus changes once we have kids. LOL. Have a wonderful trip!

Hugs to Thomas -

Michelle Gutzman

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