Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My favorite things...

Seeing Jonathan and his son, hanging out.
Thomas kicking him in the face. The smile on Jonathan's face when he does. Sweet fatherly pride.

Our lavender heat pack.
We heat it up at half power, each night before bed and lay it in Thomas's bassinet. It heats the mattress a bit, and lets off the slight lavender fragrance, so Thomas recognizes it each night when he goes to sleep. It was perfect for sleeping in Iowa, giving him the scent of home and removes the 'shock' of being transferred from our warm arms to his cold bed.

Enhanced episodes of Lost.
A little like "Pop Up Video" for Lost. Shows a number of links to earlier connections and stories from earlier seasons. Incredibly helpful for tying together the maze of information being divulged in this season's episodes.

The polarfleece sling.
The secret weapon with Thomas. He sleeps peacefully inside, cozy and warm. And when he's not asleep, he likes to sit up and take a look around. Perfect for nursing when we're out and about, and incredibly comfortable for us to wear...with our hands free. We normally get stopped at Costco 3 or 4 times for questions about it. Best question in the last week? Asked after Mass, in all seriousness... "I saw a little animal hand come out. Do you have a baby tiger in there?"

Getting sweet voice mails from Grandma.
I sent a group of photos from last week over to her, direct from my photofinisher. It was so fun to hear her voice as she was opening them.

Our watchdogs.
Maggie and Viper now follow Thomas around the house, wherever he is. I put Thomas down for bed last night at 7:45, and the dogs didn't leave the bedroom all night. Each time Jonathan or I walked in, they looked up to see who it was, verified we were OK, and went back to sleep.


KCina said...

such great things... ;-)

Happy Wednesday to you all!

~ Kathy

Unknown said...

you have to teach me how to nurse in a sling! i could never get it for the life of me...he is still super adorable and i can't wait to see you guys again!


Keana C. said...

Was that at the church in Yelm? That place is weird sometime! A baby tiger??? really?

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