Monday, February 23, 2009

A quiet morning.

Taking in the goodness that is the Wee Ski. He's starting to smile on his own!

Home from a great weekend in Seattle at the Marriott with the Training Task Force...more to come once I'm settled in a bit.

This morning...soaking in time again with Thomas. I was so blessed by Mom who came up to the hotel and spent Friday and Saturday with her grandson...each time I came back to the room, they'd read stories, or sang songs, or played and laughed and slept. Jonathan came up Saturday night and stayed through Sunday morning, when he packed out all of Thomas's gear and set it up at home again.

I think I've come up with the travel equation for a six week old baby... one pound of baby = 8 pounds of stuff that accompanies him. He's now nearly nine pounds. When I arrived by myself on Friday, I was very grateful for the bellhop!

Today is my halfway mark for maternity leave. It's hard to comprehend that time has passed so quickly.

We're just taking it easy today. Napping, nursing, playing with the dogs (who went through their own withdrawal this weekend) and time spent together.

So very, very good.

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Anonymous said...

My weekend was fun with all my frat brothers but even more fun getting to see you and the Wee Ski....great to see you are doing well and (briefly) catch up again!

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