Thursday, February 5, 2009

A night on the farm...

Mike, Kristine and Avila travelled to the farm tonight...bringing a fabulous spaghetti dinner and some spare time to spend with Thomas. Mike hadn't had the chance to hold Thomas yet - since the last time Mike saw him was while Thomas was still in intensive care.

Tonight, we celebrated Thomas's one month appointment (just a few days early). He weighed in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces (still smaller than John and Kate's brand new little Daniel, born yesterday at 8 pounds, 7.5 ounces - yea!!) and has grown one inch since his birth. It was the very first time Thomas weighed in above his birth weight. He's scheduled for his 'little boy surgery' tomorrow...and then we don't have to go back to the baby doc for a month! YEA! of my favorite things about Thomas is how he sleeps...when he's out, he's really out. He had just been sleeping on Aunt Kristine, and when she lifted him off and into Mike's arms, his little arms stayed frozen in their karate chop style for a few minutes until he settled down.

Yes, his hair is growing. Yes, it curls over his ears and down over his collar. And yes, once it starts turning into a little rat tail, Thomas will meet his first haircut. There will be no long braids down his back.

Avila, at a whopping 11 months old, got to break in Thomas's new high chair -- a fabulous gift from my Aunt Darcy and Uncle Tom in Iowa. She gave it the 'squishy banana and raspberry seal of approval'. There are little jungle animals all over it. Including monkeys.

The mommies together with the Wee Mauss and the Wee Ski -- with jealous little Viper who snuck in up in the corner.

Thank you guys...for dinner, hanging out, and coming down! ♥

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