Friday, January 16, 2009

The Cousins

Yesterday, two angels came down to stay with us...named Kristine and Avila.

It was Thomas's first time meeting his cousin Avila, as she was too little to go into the Special Care Nursery when she came down to the hospital. As Avila played with the dogs (who were trying to figure out where not one, but two wee munchkins came from!), Kristine helped with everything I couldn't do.

She helped prepare Thomas's room, organized his clothes by size and showed me how she keeps track of clothes as Avila grows, sorted packages from the last two weeks and helped Jonathan with organizing the shelves and drawers for Thomas's things. She helped with food and dishes and changings and the doggies and getting more sleep. She took us to the pediatrician because I can't drive until the end of February.

It was an incredible blessing.

Recovering from the unplanned c-section has been a bit more of a challenge than we were anticipating in post-delivery life...and her help was invaluable in adjusting to life as a threesome.

It's given both Jonathan and me the chance to recoup sleep and strength, and be able to enjoy every moment we have with our son.

He is a lucky boy to have an auntie like Kristine.


Noreen said...

That picture is awesome! You can see the love in his eyes already.

Anonymous said... precious...and thank goodness for family, huh?

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