Friday, December 12, 2008

Tagged • Six Things that Make Me Happy the super talented Karen Becker. So I'm sending lots of prayers her way as she's eagerly awaiting word of news of their next adopted child...yea!

Without further adieu...

  1. Being able to spend time with Jonathan
    As he's finishing up the fall semester teaching commercial law in the evenings at St. Martin's University, the thought of having Mondays and Wednesdays back with him is pure bliss.
  2. Feeling better than I have throughout the rest of the pregnancy
    Though I'm more slow-moving and still quick to tire, Angus is flying through his weekly stress tests and we're on the less-than-a-month countdown. Compared especially to the first trimester and several moments during the second -- this is a completely different ballgame.
  3. Bakerella
    If I had nothing else on my plate right now, I would be teaching myself how to make these ridiculously cute cake pops. Until then, I'll lurk on the Bakerella blog and just be envious.
  4. My mom driving a hybrid
    Those of you who know my mom, know she is notorious in her opinions of recycling. The thought of her driving a hybrid never really entered my mind as a possibility. :) Yesterday, Dad told me that there was a Ford/Toyota dealership in the area that was going under, and he was looking to buy a car just like mine for her...if the deal was right (typical Dad!). And lo and behold...she and I now have matching charcoal gray Camry hybrids.
  5. Amazing friends and family
    As life has slowed a bit as we've prepared for Angus's arrival, being able to spend time with people we love over the past few weeks has been an incredible blessing. Super excited to see some of Table 10 tonight, my family for Christmas dinner next weekend, and some fun lunches over the upcoming week.
  6. Feeling so blessed
    With the season of advent being all about waiting...there have been so many moments that have tied directly into our lives. Just the simple comparisons of having to ride a donkey at nine months pregnant (as opposed to heated seats in the hybrid), giving birth in a stable (instead of Providence St. Peter's), and living life on the run from the king (instead of on the farm)...remind me of how blessed we are. On a bigger level, it's giving us a chance to really prepare for both the birth of Christ...heading to the penance service on Monday night, preparing to re-order our lives as we grow by one, and soaking in these last days together with the two of us. And yes, I love EWTN's advent calendar...a mini-devotional for each day. You should check it out.

To pass this along...I'll tag Liz, Kathy, Kate, Kili, Angie, and Stella. :)


Anonymous said...

OMG, i've totally been staring at those cake pops to make too!! I have all the things to make them, i just got sick this week & didn't try it out yet! I wanted to try the red velvet, chocolate dipped. Hit me up or post pics if you ever make em! :) less than a month & counting!! :)

Karen said...

What a great list... I lurk on Bakerella, too! I'm glad to hear you're feeling so great as he prepares to make his arrival. We keep comparing our wait to the advent season, too! I know it could be way harder. :-)

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