Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Of surprises and purple tears

Last Monday was my last official Relay For Life 'talk' before Angus gets here in January.

It was the only the second time I'd ever just presented to American Cancer Society staff, without also speaking to volunteers. The smaller group I had been planning on bloomed when Region A and the Puget Sound Region reorganized a few weeks ago...and became the Western Washington Region. I loved the chance to speak directly to the staff of thank them for their incredible hard work throughout the year and share with them a little about the proper care and feeding of volunteers. :)

Little did I know that there was a surprise in store for me. When I walked in, I saw a stroller up first idea? "Wow! Someone brought their kid today! Sweet!"

Then Erin introduced me, and shared a little about Angus. And then they unleashed a mini-baby shower for us, which brought tears to my eyes. And there were even amazing little lemon cupcakes by baker extraordinaire Erin.

The stroller was the one Liz and I had registered for...and Erin had put it all together (for which Jonathan was extremely appreciative!). She brought it down from Everett a few weeks ago, and stashed it in Amy McGann's office. For two weeks. I'm pretty sure that brought a few questions her way! :)

The stroller also had a gift stuffed with goodies inside...from Erin, Amy, Larry, Stephanie, Janell, Kitura and Brooke. Wee little corduroys, a sweater, little onesies, socks and a super soft blanket with a little teddy light blue and brown. Season gave Angus a fleecey blanket and hat.

I was simply blown away.

It was so thoughtful, and I rarely get surprised by anything. Call it the type-A control freak side of me. :)

And for the should have seen me trying to push the stroller. I don't have what many would consider 'skills' in the stroller department. I ran into everything. Good thing Angus is still safely inside the tummy...I've got a month to practice!

Season was my lifesaver, giving me the 30 second rundown on how to collapse it so I could store it in the trunk. It was a sight to behold on the street when I finally figured out how it would fit (upside down).

The goodies inside...

And a custom gift basket from Kristi, our quality of life guru, complete with little baby blue uggs. Viper's convinced that the lamb is for Angus and Viper will probably war it out a bit when it comes to pint-sized stuffed animals.

It was a perfect start to a week that's been a busy 'finishing up as much as possible before Angus gets here while balancing my decreasing energy' few days.

We are so blessed. ♥


KCina said...

What a wonderful surprise!!!

The stroller was one of my biggest obstacles...make sure you REALLY understand the infant car seat too...that was MY biggest challenge--especially in the pouring down ran trying to get Charlie out of the car at Target!

Happy Thursday!
~ Kathy

Anonymous said...

Those little blue Uggs are about the cutest thing I have seen all day!!!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh, those are the cutest boy socks! See, they do exist out there!

Anonymous said...

Wheee! Man I can't wait for you to have him!!!!!! And those Carter's socks are the best :-)

Anonymous said...

Any pics of the lemon cupcakes? I'm always looking for new designs for my Baby Shower Cupcakes Ideas articles.

By the way, I love the header photo on your blog!

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