Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tucking in...

...on Sunday evening.

A quiet night on the farm, the dogs are munching on bones and we're feasting on baked "fried" chicken. Grace dropped the recipe by my office last week, and I'd been so looking forward to trying it...seriously yummy. And no wheat.

Over the weekend...had dinner with the parentals, a photo shoot, lots of editing, spent some quality time bonding with the tile floors and some deep cleaning, and started prepping for my trip next week. Also caught my little cousin's football game up in Seattle. How excited was I when I heard they were playing Rainier? Oh...wait...that's the Rainier in Seattle, not the Rainier in Rainier! It's the next generation of Mauss football...and how cute is it that Brandon's got #77? Jonathan's football jersey was #77!

I also recovered from the first great country mouse attack on the farm on Thursday night.

And when I say "great country mouse attack", I mean one mouse. It terrified me enough to not let the dogs out of the house for two hours until Jonathan got home, arming myself in one hand with an LED flashlight, and in the other hand with a giant pan. I think the mouse (and the dogs, for that matter!) were more afraid of me than I was of it.

Thankfully, I married a champion mouse hunter, and by Friday morning, all was right and good in the Sprouffske household.

And I don't have to sleep with a frying pan for protection.

Life is good.

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