Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the list...

I have a confession.

I am addicted. To making lists. Stuff to do. To pack. To finish. To brainstorm. To develop. Stuff that can be checked off, bullet-pointed, or crossed off.

All kinds of lists.

And I love Knock Knock. Especially all of their notepads. The "To Do" list is my favorite.

On the flights home, no fewer than six lists found their way into my bag...stuff to do last night, this weekend, to pack next week, to follow up on from last weekend, projects remaining this week, and baby stuff.

And this is the list of random thoughts for this morning before I head to the baby doc...
  • Clean Eating
    I found this magazine in the airport, and I love it. Heading to the store tonight for the 5 nights of meals in the current issue...can't wait to try them.
  • Loved waking up this morning on the farm. It was the longest I've been away from home and Doc since the wedding.
  • Finding myself to be a bit of a Facebook addict as well. I'm actually getting used to speaking in the third person. :)
  • Excited to cross a bunch of my list this morning at the doc's office...thank God for laptops, wireless internet, and my trusty to-do paper list. :)

1 comment:

TattooedMama said...

You know Grandma is a serial list maker. Did you check out the insides of her cabinets while you were there?
Facebook addict, ha ha. Me too! =)

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