Friday, August 15, 2008

We're having a heat wave...

...a tropical heat wave...

Temperatures are up in the 90s this weekend...spent a bit of yesterday afternoon poolside at Debbie's. Popsicles, fruit, and rest. The perfect combination. She sent me home with fresh blueberries from her blueberry bushes. They are in the freezer now for the perfect hot weather treat later.

Today, we're heading to the ocean for Kevin and Heidi's wedding, where it's cooler (yea!). Looking forward to seeing the rest of the family, and Mark, Susan and the boys who are coming down for it.

The heat is causing super hobbit feet and now hobbit-style hands...where it's possible that they can be roasting in the 92 degrees and numb at the same time.

A pretty amazing phenomenon.

Wishing you a cool, calm, breezes blowing weekend! :)

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