Sunday, August 10, 2008

Overheard last week...

"Shel, I think we need a flagpole. A giant flagpole outside the house."
"You do?" [Wondering where this sudden burst of patriotism has come from. Proud that the elections have proudly brought it out in him.]
"Yea, it would be perfect. Perfect...for this!"
He runs out of the kitchen with unfolding his brand new 12th man flag, sent to all the Seahawks season ticket holders. Yes, my husband bleeds a patriotic Seahawks blue, navy blue, bright green and white.

Later in the weekend, when discussing potential names for Baby Ski and getting absolutely nowhere because he still thinks that the baby should be named Angus...
"You don't have any ideas, Jonathan?"
"No, I do."
All excited, "Really? You do?"
"If we have twins, we won't even have to decide on a name."
"What do you mean?"
"We can name them Ewald the Dark and Ewald the Fair."

Thinking to myself, "He's paying me back, since he's proven that there is a saint named Angus which negates my earlier argument. But Ewald The Dark Sprouffske? I didn't think it could get worse than Angus Sprouffske!"

He's sitting on the couch. Very pleased with his new names for the potential twins.

And no, for the record, we don't think we're having twins.

Back to the drawing board.


Elizabeth Ann said...

you REALLY have too much free time on your hands if you are sitting there researching ways to torment Shelley about names for Freddy(yes, Freddy the fetus).
and yes, that is a Saint too. :)

Elizabeth Ann said...

Paige's thoughts on Angus.....
"it sounds like a piece of meat"

Margie, the Traveling Broad said...

Ewald the Dark and the Fair totally sound like Lord of the Rings names! That cracks me up!

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