Monday, July 7, 2008

Kenny, eat your heart out!

I think the chances are slim that Kenny Chesney is going to be finding his way down Finian you'll just have to picture him in Viper's place, with a cowboy hat, joyfully mowing our lawn. (Or you might have flashbacks to Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love...either would do)

"She thinks my tractor's sexy!"

Meet the newest addition to the our corner of the farm...

Deerie, the tractor.

Already blazing paths through the 3 foot high foliage on the farm. Viper and Maggie love being able to run in the fields again. The wild rabbits aren't pleased that we've mowed down their hiding spots. But I am happy.

Outdoor order is finding its way into our lives again.

1 comment:

Nancy E said...

We have a baby JD mower tractor too!! My favorite thing is "vacuuming" the lawn! : )

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