Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home sweet home

In no particular order...just since I've spent a good deal of time here recently...
  • I am in love with Spring Valley Signs. Originally, I wanted a giant carved rock with our address at the end of the drive...but after seeing these signs, a sweet carved sign would be perfect. Perfect, that is, until the garbage man backs over it when he's turning around. I'm not giving up hope though!
  • We've spent quality time with the deck -- stripping the icky grossness on top, removing the moss, pressure washing and getting ready to stain and seal it. My dad always used the Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner, and it's good stuff. I love the big wrap around porch...perfect with early morning sunshine and wireless internetlooking over the trees...or relaxing in the afternoon out of the sun. It's like a new deck with the icky grossness removed...
  • We are definitely still in the de-clutter mode. Loving how good it feels to have piles disappear, not just be relocated. FlyLady, you are an angel with your de-cluttering goodness.
  • My house in North Tacoma will be going onto the market in if you know anyone who is looking for a cute 3 bedroom, 1 bath, garage-so-big-you-could-live-in-it, kitchen with new appliances, centrally located to nearly everything, and the biggest bonus: really sweet neighbors, then send them my way!
  • Jonathan is in a bit of a revolt against throw pillows on the bed. Remember the scene from "Along Came Polly" when Ben Stiller sliced them all up? I came home today and found all of the pillows set up in a fort for Viper. The bed was made, yes, but Viper was ready for war in her flowered bunker. Too bad being "ready for war" meant she was curled up inside and asleep.


Maureen said...

Shelley, i'm looking to buy over in that area..let's talk! :)

foxmulder said...

Throw pillows are the dumbest thing ever.

Jonathan said...

I agree with Stella. They are almost as stupid as Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

I want to buy your house just to live next door to the Brownrice's!

Aunt Sue

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