Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happiness is...

  • ice and water dispensing from the new fridge. Thanks to Rich and Jonathan, we now have water and ice on demand. And our well water is so incredibly yummy, it's like a little piece of heaven on earth.
  • realizing that my pregnant hobbit feet which no longer fit my favorite heels mean that i have a lot of havaianas in my future. Stella gave me two new pairs for my birthday, so I will always have cute flip flops when needed.
  • our orange Eglu. Later this summer, you'll find chickens living on our farm, and fresh eggs. Just think of all the fresh egg goodness that can come forth....Jonathan's favorite scrambled eggs, fresh lemon curd, yummy lemon white chocolate chip cookies, and fresh vanilla bread (for everyone else!).
  • the Food Network.
  • reading more books this summer than Lindsay Milasich. This is probably the only summer that I will be able to stake this claim, so I'm soaking it up. I am on book 17 right now.
  • hummingbirds flying around the deck. I made some sweet nectar for them in their new feeders.
  • finally starting to get caught up with Finian Road. There are new shoots posted, and lots more to come. My incredibly fabulous clients have been so good to me as I've had to slow down.
  • sweet potato fries with banana ketchup. Originally feasted on this in Saskatchewan, and finally found the banana ketchup in Olympia. And the sweet potatoes are on my "happy list" for my upset tummy.
  • the lavender heat pillow for when I need to sleep. Or relax. Or warm up my hands.
  • the trees' second budding in the tree fields.
  • the dogs sleeping soundly on my lap and at my feet. They can be holy terrors when they have unspent energy, but after they've run's so peaceful when they sleep.
  • knowing that after a few really rough nights and an emergency trip to the doc, that Baby Angus has a strong heartbeat and is growing well. He's the size of a baked potato now. We have about 3 weeks to find out whether Angus is an Angus or an Agnes. :)


Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh I love potatoes- especially with eggs! :)

(OK, whatever, I am delirious with exhaustion!)
Got up this morning at 5:30 (don't know why) and was at the hospital at 7am. I observed orthopedic surgeries until 2. Yes, standing on my feet for 8 hours straight except to sit to pee. Then to work for another 4 hours. Home at 7:20. I AM TIRED>>>>>>>>

So maybe that is why I like potatoes and eggs. Yum. How about an egg and potato burrito! Real Tex Mex food. I miss it.

bye angus/agnes et al (that was my confirmation name you know)

Jonathan said...

Angus was your confirmation name???

Elizabeth Ann said...

Why yes it was.
Liz Angus-Agnes et al Brown

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