Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Countdown to Relay: Nancy Peck-Cook

I love the internet. You can find all kinds of things in all kinds of places.

The other day, when reading through the blog of my good friend, Nancy Peck-Cook, I found some photos I hadn't seen in ages...from the 2004 Relay in Tacoma, the 20th anniversary of Relay, that Brian and I chaired together.

After an late night (and everyone who knows me knows that my "late night" is any time after 9 pm), I remember the advice of my wise friend and mentor, Barbara Patterson. You should take some time to just sit and absorb the Relay. The time flies by, and you don't want to miss it. Especially when it's dark and the luminaria are glowing.

So I did just that. I pulled up my blankets into the stands around 4 am, and watched the Relay until I fell asleep. That Relay was a little lonely for a number of reasons - the main one being that my entire family (except me) was in Spain while I was Relaying.

Two hours later, my grandma (a cancer survivor, by the way) called me at 6:30 am to say hi. She woke me up in the stands, where I realized that while I couldn't be seen at night...I definitely could be seen in the daylight. So much for being incognito. :)

I can sleep through everything.

These photos on Nancy's blog surfaced in a number of places - my ugly mug snoring away. The most random place they surfaced? In Slovenia. In the official international Relay For Life training PowerPoint. Everyone got to see my fabulously drooly self. God knows if I had written the PowerPoint, that photo would NOT be in it! :)

Anyway, this post is a little shout back to Nancy...from her post to me.

She is the head of national corporate initiatives for Relay For Life. An amazing leader, fantastic photographer, great encourager, and dear friend. She helped me get on the Energy Bus, and is someone whose friends I treasure...even across the US. She was instrumental in my increasing love of photography...and encouraged me to enter the national competitions for Relay photos. This photo was one of her early faves. It's still one of mine! :)

Nance, thank you for your friendship...I am blessed!

And since I love her are a few of her shots that I adore from that event...

And her photos from Celebration on the Hill in 2006...


Anonymous said...

Actually, I love that picture of you sleeping and the gal running next to is beautifully framed and is SO "Relay"! Who snapped it of you?

The good news is that you're the only one who can tell that it's the rest of us, it just looks like an unknown purple-covered person who's pretty darn dedicated to Relay. I love it!

Nancy E said...

Thanks buddy - just caught this blog post when I was questioned about your where-abouts. : ) I miss you! You rock too - but I hope that I tell you that enough. I love photography and we have that bond along with a very strong friendship that has grown through these internet waves.... : ) Thanks for all your support! Best of luck with your Relay! Take some corporate pics for me please!!

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