Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it must be a full moon with a lunar eclipse

...because i actually had this conversation today with a tumwater police officer:

"do you know what's worse than running a stop sign while talking on your cell phone and causing someone to hit you?"
"no, i don't, sir."
"running a stop sign while talking on your cell phone and causing a police car to hit you."

good point.

and yes, i will never consider that stop sign as optional in tumwater again. (and for the record, he almost hit me - but didn't. it totally would have been my fault. but he was better on the brakes than i was. :) )

the lunar eclipse photo was taken from our deck, at 7:09 pm. jonathan just re-created the lunar eclipse indoors for me, while singing the bill nye the science guy song, using a flashlight, a ring box, and a camera lens.

i am so very lucky to be married to him.
:eyes rolling:


Elizabeth Ann said...

oooh, did you get a ticket?

Anonymous said...

Did you get the cops name? I actually know many Tumwater cops - but not b/c I've been pulled over by them :)

Anonymous said...

It was Sandra who left the anonymous comment :)

Jonathan said...

Why does Sandra have to be so anonymous???

shelley said...

it was something like krawazickie...since i didn't get a ticket (thanks to his mercy on me!)i don't know!

but then it begs the question...
how do you know so many? :)

Jonathan said...

Bill..Bill...Bill...Bill...Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh are lucky! :)
I can't wait to help you out sat! I'm excited! :)

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