Monday, January 21, 2008

it's a mighty skii world

here in rainier, that is.

the first week of 'real life' as a married couple. for a number of reasons - it was filled with emotion, joy, sadness, and change. so much so that the extra day off today gave a lot of time to process the last few days especially. but that post will need to wait until after the march for life tomorrow.

for the lighter side of our married life in the past's a glimpse of life by the numbers.
  • five days of commuting 81 miles per day.
    my old commute was 7.6 miles per day. my commute one way, each day is now more than i used to drive in a week to work.
  • we ate out just twice this week.
    one lunch each out, and a dinner together out. compared to life before the wedding which had us eating in twice a week. makes sense that combined, we've lost 15 pounds since the wedding. everything else was made at home. (i know, hard to believe!)
  • speaking of homemade, among the culinary treats found at our home...
    caribbean tilapia, prawns in a lemon/garlic buerre, parmesan-garlic chicken, fresh blueberry bread with a cinnamon butter spread, a sweet egg dish for brunch with mom and dad yesterday, and pomegranate martinis.
  • we re-learned that there is brown carpet in the living room.
    between boxes of stuff from my house in tacoma and wedding gifts, there was a narrow path (which thanks to #2 above, we could now fit through) to get from the front door to the kitchen. the dogs could navigate it pretty well, but it was nerve wracking. thanks to opening a number of our gifts, several cardboard recycling runs, packing peanut disposal runs, there is hope on the horizon for seeing all of the carpet.
  • relay for life season is getting close...159 days to thurston's relay.
    lots of good stuff going on. had the privilege of speaking at the kickoff for buckley on thursday (which beat their goal last year by 50% - can you believe that?!?) and federal way on saturday. can't wait for this year.
  • the skii wii was unveiled yesterday.
    jonathan's in heaven. he loves it, and he even beat a tag team of vickii and mii in boxing - five matches in a row. who am i kidding? i love it too..although i have wii shoulders from the boxing match last night. look for skii wii tourniis ahead. (not that we're competitive or anything)
  • just two nerf wars between us.
    from our hawaiian family, dan and duana. for our wedding, they got us 2 nerf guns with extra bullets, and the married people's "rules of engagement". we couldn't stop laughing when we opened the gift - it was perfect. to close...i bring you the official 'rules of engagement':

marital nerf gun rules of engagement
(excerpted from their card)

i know that everyone is talking about love and perfect happiness. well, dan and i are here to dispel the is tough and sometimes ugly. and sometimes you are going to need a little something to help you release those frustrations. hence, the nerf guns. we guarantee that by the end of a good "healthy" dart war you will be laughing so will probably forget why you were even mad in the first place. however, you have to go over the basic rules of marital nerf gun combat:

  1. absolutely no face least not on purpose.
  2. it is bad form to collect all the darts so that your spouse cannot defend themselves.
  3. if you run out of darts, you cannot resort to throwing objects at your spouse.
  4. loser gets to pick up all the missing darts (jonathan, i am guessing this will be you)
  5. do not cuss at each other, rather shout silly things like "take that, you scurvy dog!"
  6. but most importantly, remember to laugh!

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Elizabeth Ann said...

so funnii.

don't shoot your eye out.

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