Monday, October 8, 2007

i'm annoyed

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Jonathan just corrected me, "no, Shelley, you are not annoyed, you are annoying!"

It is 5:41 CST. We haven't boarded the plane which was supposed to leave 6 minutes ago, and we have just 24 minutes of a turnaround in Cincinnati. The prospects of getting home on time seem slim, at best.

Which leads me to why I'm annoying. :)

We've been waiting now with some of the loudest people in Iowa. My favorite is the guy (with a huge sense of heightened self importance) who is scolding an employee of his loudly and condescendingly on his cell for the last 40 minutes. It only made sense that I began paraphrasing what he was saying so everyone around us knew just how important he is. :)

To keep Jonathan from completing any of his sodukus, I am now singing to him. That moved me from "annoyed about the flight" to "annoying to Jonathan."

Heh heh.

Little does he know I have been making up limericks and poems while he is waiting in line about our tickets. I will dazzle him when he returns.

The great weekend with our family was worth it.

Just as long as it doesn't take 3 days to get home. :)

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