Thursday, August 16, 2007

the reception: union station

on our first date night together since jonathan started his new job in olympia...we headed out to dinner and then stopped by union station, where our reception will be in just 134 days.

we picked union station for a number of reasons - because it's a federal courthouse (for jonathan), it's full of beautiful chihuly glass (for me) and it is the most beautiful place in tacoma that is also capable of holding the number of people on the guest list. :)

when jonathan was studying for the bar, he actually studied inside one of the law libraries in here - so when mom and i were meeting with the gal here to review things, he just got up and walked over.

we will have all three levels - including the concourse downstairs, where we're setting up a kids zone with fun things for them to do. can't wait to show you what things are going to look like!

i love it because photos there will be spectacular, it sparkles at night...and it's a place to celebrate with all of the people we love.

i can't wait!


Anonymous said...

we got your save the date in the mail today! i'm so excited for you. oh, and i LOVE the rounded corners. ;)

shelley said...

yea! :)

they're starting to arrive...whoo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

That is just going to be all kinds of fabulous!

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