Sunday, August 26, 2007

good stuff

things that make me happy right now...
  • wireless internet
    without it, i would not be able to soak in early morning sunshine on the deck, overlooking the trees, catching up on blog reading and reading the news on jonathan's laptop while hummingbirds fly by and drive viper crazy.
  • new shoes
    found a pair of crocs for grandma yesterday, but i loved them so much that they were on my feet this morning. i'll pick up another pair before i leave for iowa!
  • buying the airline tickets for the honeymoon AND reserving the villa
    the place we're headed is 32 km around the outside of the island, has 2 main roads, and speaks maori. any ideas where it is? (and if you already know, don't cheat!)
  • a great dinner last night
    with more details to come, once i've downloaded the pics :)
  • being blessed with blog stalkers
    especially ones who will be going to u.p.s. in the fall and will be playing the harp at the wedding
  • the brownrices
    who always seem to show up when i need a little 'pick me up' with their funny stories, great ideas, and creative genius
  • jonathan
    who loves me unconditionally even when i drive him nuts. :)


Anonymous said...

you just knew if you dissed your blog stalker that she would see it the very day you posted it... did you notice that I decided to remain anonymous, just like you instructed?

Anonymous said...

mother of stalker here......
It was so fun seeing you last night - you are glowing!! Your joy and enthusiasm is a blessing to everyone around you!

shelley said...

blog stalker AND mother of blog stalker! today is my lucky day! :)

Elizabeth Ann said...

Perfect! THose crocs come in chocolate! I have found my dress and my SHOES! Yay!

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