Wednesday, July 18, 2007

circle journal: back where i come from

took a break from the editing of 2000+ wedding images to pull together one of my last layouts for the circle journal project. pulled two of my favorite photos - with mom and me and our dog(s). in 1977 - the only dog was sheila, and now, andy and viper.

this is claudine's "back where i come from" circle journal...which has some amazing pages in it. i can't wait for her to see it...since she'll be getting it back complete!

for the specs...
i used the same action over both photos to tie them together - even though the quality is distinctly different (color film from the 1970s vs. my digital canon 28ish years later), they seem more uniform to one another. i sampled the beige, olive and cream from the photos. the brush along the bottom is from designfruit. you can click on them to read the journaling.

the first taken at the old house on henderson bay

the second page...taken at the 'new' house on henderson bay (we moved into it when i was 4 years 1981)


kat said...

Just wanted to say that I know editing wedding photos is a LOT of work, and I completely appreciate all you have done for me....I love you family just adored you, said it was more like having a family friend there than a photographer and that they never felt uncomfortable. You are one amazing chick!

Anonymous said...

cool layout shelley! i love the pic from the 70s! glad we had you as part of our CJ and I hope you had fun with it!

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