Wednesday, June 20, 2007

circle journal: hold dear

a night at finally finish up the circle journals that are waiting new pages and to be shipped off to the ever patient claudine...

this layout is for michelle's "hold dear" 8x8 circle journal. all of the pages revolve around whatever the scrapper "holds dear" of course...mine revolves around jonathan. ♥

wow...i think i'm turning into one of those mushy people i always used to make fun of. if we start wearing matching clothes, everyone has permission to kick us in the head. :)

for the scrappy deets:
  • obviously, i have been re-reading cathy z's clean and simple scrapbooking (thanks, kris, for finding it in your closet!)...and so this is a relatively clean and simple layout. :)
  • i sampled the brown, blue and light gray from the photo of us in photoshop. also used a bunch of drop shadows.
  • the brushes are from rhonna farrer's round and round at two peas in a bucket.
  • the fonts used are franklin gothic demi and light, as well as my new favorite: hurricane one and two. (astute crafty peeps may recognize this font and photo in the as-yet-not-finished save the date cards to come).


Anonymous said...

yea Shelley!

love the page! wish I could see it in person but that one has already passed by me. you 2 are pretty cute together!

your "ever patient" Andrea

Anonymous said...

1. Beautiful photo. It captures you both so well. Jonathan looks like he has a little evil grin goin' on. ; )

2. The words brought tears to my eyes. That is love. So beautiful. So blessed.

Anonymous said...

Kate- I know isn't it creepy? I look weird, please move on to the next post where I think all our wedding guests are diseased.

shelley said...

just for that...your weird pic just made the cover of the STD cards.

denny crane.

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