Wednesday, May 30, 2007

two days to go: the countdown to 30

mike really lucked out when he was adopted into our family. after all, what are the odds that you'll end up with me as a sister? 1 in 3 billion? how do ya like them apples?

but more importantly, we both lucked out when kristine said 'yes' to mike and our nutty family and became a mauss last summer...

to mike...
you teach me every day about servant leadership, the importance of having your own fridge at the office, forgiveness, how to properly cover something in enough ketchup to disguise what it is, and the joys of wilsonville...which you will find yourself out of sooner than you realize. :) you're just that good. i am so glad that you joined us at ml, and am so grateful that you've forgiven me for dropping you off on the side of the road when i was 16. i love you, bud.

to kristine...
you teach me every day about loving others, leading by example, the joy of having a sister after all these years, the importance of tea time and magic erasers, and are a model to me of what a wife should be. i love you, and am so glad that you are part of our family.

here's to the next 30 years as your sister! ♥


Unknown said...

i am lucky to have an older sister like you! thanks for those kind words...and how cool is it that the walk from my house to yours is 3 minutes???

Anonymous said...

The walk is only 2 minutes if you have Maggie and Viper pulling you.

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