Sunday, May 27, 2007

peace + quiet

sunset at semiahmoo...ahhh....

spent several days up at semiahmoo for one of the best workshops i've been to in some time. designed just for women advisors at the firm, it was a great time away from the craziness that's been this month, and a great way to refocus.

slept in both yesterday and today (nearly unheard of in a world where i've gotten up at 5 for the last 8 years), and am loving the three day weekend.

lots of fabulous keynotes - one of my favorites being kathy casey, which began with none other than a rosemary grapefruit martini. :) gotta love that!

my favorite sunset was the first evening...with the golden light over the waters, with canada just to the right, and a peaceful ending to a long traveling and workshop day.

jonathan and i had lunch with rachael up in bellingham on the way home...and since she'll be at relay this friday...two times of rachael in the same week is always a good thing!

using today at home and tomorrow at the farm to recharge the batteries for the upcoming merrill's at $21,638 and we have just under $30,000 to go in six days.

speaking of relay, please click over and take a look at michael g's latest post on mama g. her timeline, while always in god's hands, looks to be shorter and shorter each day.

please keep her and the whole fam in your prayers. ♥

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