Tuesday, May 8, 2007

no pool for you!

so i had plans to take in a little sunshine when i went to reno last weekend. all week, the forecast said 70 degrees, and i couldn't wait for a bit of downtime to relax by the pool before the meetings began.

imagine my reaction when looking out my 14th story window at the resort to see the pool in all its glory...without water, even without the tiles!

and then i woke up friday morning to snow. SNOW!!

so much for sunshine!

good thing we worked nonstop, didn't even go outside from thursday night until sunday afternoon when we headed out. lots accomplished - and love the training team that i am now part of. can't wait for the summit this fall...

70 degrees here yesterday, and with sunsets like these, makes me never want to leave the northwest! :)

1 comment:

Elizabeth Ann said...

Those damn pool nazis!

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