Thursday, April 19, 2007

relaying at virginia tech

rec'd in my email this morning...

(a little background: this weekend is the relay for life of virginia tech, they are one of the top 5 university relays in the united states. i receive the updates from the american cancer society colleges against cancer)

one of the reasons i love the spirit of relay...

April 17, 2007
Dear Colleges Against Cancer Chapter Leaders,

The Colleges Against Cancer National Leadership Team would like to recognize the Relay For Life of Virginia Tech University committee’s dedication and resilience despite the recent tragedy.

As may know, 32 individuals were killed during the horrible incident, including one of the Relay's highest fundraisers. While these events unfolded just a few days ago, the Relay committee has made the decision to continue their plans for the Relay event this weekend.

In the words of Mary Vaughn Smith, a senior at Virginia Tech and volunteer event chair of Relay For Life, "We’ve decided to move forward with the Relay For Life because this is a time when we just want to make sure that this event – with a focus on celebration of life and hope – is available to all those who need it in our community. We don’t want to take this event away from those who need it most."

Their decision to go on with Relay shows the strength of the American Cancer Society collegiate volunteers and their willingness to push forward during times of adversity. Relay For Life is an event that can be paralleled to the cancer experience.

It begins with an atmosphere of hope and anticipation for the events to begin. As the night falls, it brings with it the coldness and darkness that the disease brings. But as dawn approaches, a new beam of renewal and hope emerge, as we remember why we fought through the night—to find a cure.

The Relay at Virginia Tech will take on new meaning paralleling itself not only to the cancer experience, but also to April 16th, a day that will remain in the hearts of all Americans. We ask of you, our fellow collegiate Relayers, during this Relay season, please keep the wonderful volunteers of Virginia Tech in your thoughts and prayers.

The American Cancer Society and Colleges Against Cancer family suffers together when tragedy strikes, but with over 330 chapters together we will make a difference to rise above the suffering and honor those not only lost to cancer, but our fellow students of Virginia Tech. Should you wish to write a note of support, please visit the dedication page on

Workin’ towards a cure,
Colleges Against Cancer National Leadership Team


Unknown said...

This is so inspiring, Shelley! Thanks for sharing ...

kilipohi said...

I'm glad that they chose to Relay. I'm choosing to relay this year as well. My halau has a group that will be walking in Tacoma, so I'll see you there. I would like to offer some sort of challenge of raising money, but I see you are already on the top and with my zero dollars as of today, I don't think I'll pass you millions that you have already raised. I can't wait to see you there. And maybe i'll finally get to meet your prince.

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