Tuesday, April 10, 2007

prayers for my most favorite mama g

(taken at mama g's birthday celebration last september, during the toast)

a quick prayer request for mama g - her most recent tests came back and the results weren't great. she and the fam are spending as much time together as possible...reminding us of the importance of never taking a single moment for granted.

it's been nearly two years since she was first diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the parotid gland. i was reading back through old posts from viper's world, and found this one, just before last year's relay for life.

she amazes me with her courage and grace. when i was reading from mother's angelica's little book of life lessons and everyday spirituality...this quote seemed to be all about mama g:

when you are suffering you have the capability of achieving great things. you can:

  • create great holiness and become a powerful witness to those around you.
  • by accepting your pain you are doing god's will in an awesome way.
  • by offering your pain to god, you can save souls.

god is trusting you with pain; he is trusting you to accept it with love. don't miss the possibilities.

i love you, mama g...and i'm praying for your healing. ♥

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