Friday, March 23, 2007

happy clicks

as debbie would say, "happy fabulous friday!"

this week passed in a blur...with the parentals holed up in hawaii and the fort being held down by michael and kristine (at home) and michael and me (at work).

wanted to share a few links that came my way recently...
  • in the 'new bloggers' category: my dear friend nancy peck!
    she is a superstar to me - the head of the national corporate team program for the american cancer society relay for life, marathon runner (17+ races), ironman competitor (4 times) and photography buff. she was one of the honored national peeps at our relay in 2004, and i am so blessed by her friendship and photography inspiration. i'm hoping hoping hoping that she will make her personal blog public. in the meantime, you can visit her relay for life blog for the nctp.
  • more happy blogging
    the brownrices are just getting started in blogging...whoo hoo!
  • gabriel's faith
    gabe twining is a freshman at the university of portland (my alma mater), who fell out of his lofted bed earlier this month and landed on his head. two broken vertebrae, a damaged spinal cord, and paralysis from the neck down. mike got to know him when he was in the high school youth group at sacred heart, where mike was the youth minister. an inspirational and encouraging site created to share his journey to healing. definitely a site to bookmark.

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