Monday, March 5, 2007


spent the weekend in lacey on bellarmine's junior encounter. my fabulous yellow cabin, led by devan, perfects the jumping-while-running shot that i love. devan's the supergirl-esque gal with the yellow cape. doesn't she look like she's flying?

love this weekend each year...time to spend with the wonder that is becky bernards (who makes the most fabulous juan diego ever), the other 'cabin moms', and some pretty amazing juniors and seniors.

when did i feel old? when i was quoting my own encounter experience...from 13 years ago.

the sky was doing some really cool moody cloud things (<- that's the technical term). e-props to lindsay for pointing it out.

one of the candles from the ladder...

and they perfected the jumping-straight-up-and-almost-sinking-the-dock-on-landing here...
(click on it to view it up close...they are pretty funny!)


Unknown said...

kristin k said she had a great time with you this weekend. i hope all is well and we need to get together again soon!


shelley said...

kristen and lindsay were a blast to hang out with!

i think i'm going through kristine withdrawal...thinking perhaps a game night when the parentals are in hawaii? :)

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