Monday, February 19, 2007

things that make me happy

in no particular order besides the first one...
  1. this photo of holly, taken yesterday.
    her first comment when she saw me while sulking in the car?
    "i hate this."
    her last comment while skipping down the sidewalk back to the car?
    "i looked good! i am so cool!"
    while not the most technically accurate image, i told her to look deep into the lens, and she ended up bonking her head on the lens hood. it was pretty funny. :)
  2. editing photos from the last three weeks. hoping to get half a dozen sets of images out to clients this week.
  3. catching up on three loads of wash, a load of dishes, finishing up paperwork for my taxes, and updating some relay goodies for the website. i actually even washed all my makeup brushes this morning, and unleashed the newest brush (specifically for mac paint) into the mix.
  4. although there's a chance that i made an angry call to the news tribune this morning
    (because my paperboy decided to bring his friends on his morning route...and they revved the engine and peeled out every time they got moved between houses: all of 50 feet between each stop, and i was ready to hunt him down and unleash the six pound terror that had been barking for seven minutes when i finally got up)
    ...i was up early this morning and it rocked. getting up early on president's day has its merits.
  5. and the market's i have the day off!


Nancy E said...

Cool blog - cool blogger - thanks for the encouragement with your links... I love my blog now, it really makes me happy just to express and to share. I would love to talk to you about it sometime. Love to see your stuff, your photos, your passion for people and for life. Thanks for being my friend. - - Cheers to you - - Nancy

Anonymous said...

your such a good GB girl to remember to wash your brushes!

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