Friday, January 26, 2007

week ending joys

the first night home in a long long while.

some big meetings this week, including the first teams meeting for the 2007 relay. such good stuff, and i am so excited to see how things are coming together for this year's relay. some heartbreaking, tragic deaths of those close to the tacoma relay family over the last year, and preparing for this year's event brings meaning to all of it.

took in the american cancer society's '2006: year in review' ... and honestly, was absolutely blown away by all that the society advanced last year in the fight against cancer. i teach on what they do, i fundraise to make it possible, but seeing that gave me an entirely new perspective on the incredible reach the society has. made me feel so good about our gung-ho $51,026 goal!

viper and i are spending tonight hanging out, with hot chocolate that's splenda-fied (thanks, grandma!) for me, and 2% milk for viper...washing clothes, unpacking from the trip last weekend, heating up some fabulously authentic maid-rites - flown home from iowa - and reading the dozen stockpiled news tribunes.

and there's a chance that i'll be finishing up some sweet designs for new baby announcements for shelley mauss photography. you'll have to check the blog to see when they're released! {and a big thanks to kristine for the creative naming of the designs... :) }

so looking forward to a long overdue weekend away with mom...needing some good mother/daughter time. heading up to the woodmark for afternoon tea, a few hours in the spa, and a snuggly night watching movies. the perfect ending to a long week.

and for now...the annoying buzzing dryer (which originally sounded like such a good idea when i bought it) is calling my name...and while i'm folding clothes...wentworth calls my name. it's time for a little prison break!

{and a thanks to mama g, from whose deck i snapped this photo...although i'm not really sure that she knows viper and i secret-missioned it over there the other night!}


Anonymous said... your site! SO much love and laughter in your family!!! It actually brought tears to my eyes

I'm SO looking forward to having my turn with your CJ! I have a couple images picked out that are two completely different sides of the emotional spectrum for me! I may have to include them both! :-)

shelley said...

and i am so looking forward to yours...things i hold dear!

and though i originally thought that i should make a layout all about the annoying barista at harbor rock cafe who insists on calling me "dear" every time i see here...

i came up with some other sweet ideas. can't wait to put together your 'hold dear' layouts! :)

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