Tuesday, January 23, 2007

is this heaven?

no, it's iowa.

grandma and grandpa's, in west des moines, to be exact.

just returned home after a weekend to see the fam. when mom left tuesday morning (the big blizzard-like snow while we were driving to the airport), grandpa was taken to the emergency room by ambulance. thankfully, they were able to get him home the next day. his health is failing, and it's these moments in life where you realize what's really important.

i arrived friday to spend some "good time" (as my fabulous aunt darcy calls it) with my grandparents and my mom. honest to god, this weekend explained where so many of the 'big k' stories come from! ♥

thank you to everyone who has been praying for him and my grandma.

pics and stories to come. but for now, sleep calls, since mom and i have been up since 3 a.m. :)


Anonymous said...

Take care, Grandpas really are one of the best things in life...

Lemmon said...

Aaaw, I love that quote from Field of Dreams!!

I have a lot of family in Iowa. :) The field of dreams is great, too...always good times walking into the corn field!!

PS I LOVE your photography! I'm still claiming you for my's normal to have a photographer before a boyfriend, right!?

shelley said...

nichole, you are a nut!

while my brother might say you have your priorities backwards, i think they're right on cue. :)

it always helps when your photographer prays that you'll find a husband, right?!?

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