Friday, January 5, 2007

almost ready!

my new site's almost ready!
{insert happy dances here}

everything was uploaded last night to the server, and now it's been transferred over to the new site. i'm crossing my fingers that it will all finish today...but since my hosting company is based out of denver (with all the freakish snowstorms of late) - they're doing their best to get things updated. they've been great to work with and i am excited to see it up and running.

and a super fabulous 'thank you' to everyone who's signed up so far for "the little moment"...and especially to those who've delurked!! :) you guys are the best!

there's a pretty good competition going for the if you want to increase your chances of winning a bit (and really, why wouldn't you? :) ) -- feel free to refer your friends to sign up! all they need to do it click this link, and list you as a referral!

happy friday!

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