Saturday, January 13, 2007

2007 circle journal: first round

kicking off 2007 is a new round of circle journals...a ten week adventure with the following gals:

using an 8x8 album, my theme is "the story of my favorite image". each gal will scrap a spread of their favorite image with the most important part...the story of why it's their fave. most often the favorite images have a emotional reason behind it...and i can't wait to get glimpse of these gals and their images.

without further ado, below you'll find my first layout. relatively simple layouts - designed to keep the focus on the image rather than the embellishments. i have a few digital kits i'm looking forward to using on the other pages...and can't wait to see everyone's themes!

thanks, andrea, for putting this all together! :)

(the right page of the spread)


Jenna said...

i love your theme for the circle journal. i can't wait to get started!! and what cool pictures you took. :)

Anonymous said...

OK miss go to the head of the class.... I am still stairing at the empty journal.... :)

Anonymous said...

you are such an over acheiver, but I do love that about you! I will have to think about what my fave picture is...thats a hard one! Yours are fantastic!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

What a great theme! Can't wait 'till the journals start going around. I'm going to have to think what my absolute favorite picture is... that's going to be tough!

elizabeth said...

your lo is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

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