Sunday, December 31, 2006

on the eve of the new year

as seen tonight, the number one reason my dog is the namesake of this blog:

she just rocks. check out that snarly growl for a dog 10 times her size!

blessed with a long four day weekend. the first time, in fact, that the market has been closed for 4 days in a row - since 9/11.

using this time to finish off 2006 - cleaning up, throwing out, giving away, simplifying. cleaned out most of the kitchen (the pantry is tomorrow's project), a good deal of the playroom and back living room, the bathroom, and the laundry. mike took a load of goodies to st. vincent de paul (an extremely worthy organization to donate your stuff!) and it feels so good to clear things out.

also spending some time preparing for 2006 - preparing paperwork, refreshing the logo and redesigning the website for shelley mauss photography, and designing some super fabulous exclusive things for it. can't wait to share them!

working on my musings for 2006...hoping to have them done in time for the new year at midnight!

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