Tuesday, October 24, 2006

big relay loves

i cannot believe i just used that phrase. you can thank dani and dave for destroying my impressive vocabulary.

...finally finished the transfer of the relay for life of tacoma domain to the online fundraising site: rfl of tacoma

...finished the fall newsletter and uploaded it to the site

...michelle from the acs great west division forwarded me the e-file of my photo on the trading card. how cute is that?!?

...halfway finished with my powerpoint for the workshop i'm teaching this saturday at the puget sound relay university: just for the event chairs, called "the game plan"

...and i can't wait for our first team merrill game planning meeting tomorrow night! i'm hoping that with a little liquid confidence, we'll set a goal that blows past our $50,000 of this year! good thing we're meeting at a wine shop! :)

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