Thursday, September 7, 2006 to reno!

getting ready to leave for the great west leadership summit - in reno, nevada. teaching four workshops on team fundraising...can't wait!

updated the photos on my photography website, as well as added a selection of wedding images that i love. if you have a second, you should check it out.

finished packing late last night...there's nothing like the new lost season two and the colbert report to keep you amused while doing the everything packed and heading to the airport in a few.

and thanks to kris, realized that i won't be able to bring my treasured mac lipglass on the plane with me...could be an interesting day in the sky with naked lips!!

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shelley said...

according to the TSA, lip gloss counts as a 'liquid' and given the orange threat, we are not allowed to carry it on board.

lipstick, however, is allowed.

this is a weird world we live in.

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