Sunday, September 24, 2006

home sweet home

i love being home. love it. love love love it.

here's the rundown, because i have been absent from the e-viper's world, while fully present in viper's actual world. :)

  • spent the morning packing and recovering from relaying peeps know the 'day after relay muscle spasm' phenomenon.
  • flew home with debbie and diana - sorting and categorizing photos on the flight home (big surprise)
  • walked in my front door just in time for the season premiere of grey's anatomy. unpacked and took in a little mcdreamy.
  • got caught up at the office before papa and kris leave this week
  • with the help of mike and kristine, started taping up the windows and trim on the house - the drab taupey color is just hours away from its demise
  • the canadians arrived for a weekend of sheryl crow, john mayer, and seattle shopping
  • with mike, kristine and chris, painted the entire house and garage a fabulous light grey.
  • learned some good lessons...don't lean on a freshly painted wall. especially with your head. and don't tape the motion/night sensor lights without turning them off (see photo). and yes, it was my fabulous neighbor rich who suggested it was viper's world material. :) learn from my mistake!
  • and by all means, let mike's lucky-to-be-alive dog out of the house while you are painting. if you don't, forgive the dog.
  • confession at a polish parish is not in polish. thank god.
  • touchdown jesus is alive and well at notre dame.
  • there is no better way to fall asleep than to a live fiddle. there's something that's so peaceful and calming...and i loved it.


  • adoration and mass in the wee hours...after dad to the airport at the o'dark hundred hour
  • the 2007 leadership team retreat this afternoon - good stuff with good peeps.
  • found my missing blackberry ten hours later - went through withdrawal :)
  • waiting for helen and kelsey to get back, and then it's to gig harbor for their last night dinner...
  • pulled tape from the house and garage and came into the backyard to find my two four-legged critters sleeping in the sun, until they heard me...

i love being home. and i can't wait to get the house finished so the illustrious before and after shots can go up.

and thank you to everyone who has helped me with my house projects this fall - rich, mike, jim, kristine, sandy, liz, chris, and sir timmy of monaco. i am so blessed by you. you guys (and gals) rock. ♥

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