Monday, September 18, 2006

having a ball, in a ball

the sights and sounds of washington dc.

started this morning at the smithsonian - with the fancy schmancy gems, minerals, and rocks (as debbie calls them). saw the hope diamond up close...absolutely beautiful. tried (unsuccessfully, thankfully, because i was hungry) to see every single work of art in the national gallery of art.

the crystal ball above, due to its completely spherical shape, reflects everything in the room as upside down. you see me coming into the ball from the upper left, but you can see my bum in the lower right. how sweet is that?

headed to the national archives and saw all the originals - the magna carta, the declaration of independence, the louisiana purchase, and the bill of rights. and we saw the air and space museum, literally. while we were eating ice cream. from afar, with our $7 hot dog. meaning we did not actually walk into it. just saw it. :)

registered at the celebration on the hill - and stopped over where everything is in process of getting set up right now. it's unbelievably huge. for my tacoma relaying peeps, picture the whole campus of mt. tahoma - turned purple.

what was incredible was seeing the wall of hope begin to come together. at every relay for life this year (4500+) there was at least one 'wall of hope' banner. they are all being assembled, by state, into one of the nation's largest temporary monuments.

heading to arlington tomorrow for breakfast with fr. lundberg, and mass at the st. thomas more cathedral. then to the arlington national cemetery, and back for the CAN opener tomorrow night to kick off the celebration on the hill festivities.

loving it here. took some cool pics that i'll have up on through my eyes later. :)


Marie said...

I don't see your butt! Where is your butt?!?!?

shelley said...

that is a question i don't hear that often.


lower right, see my light lime green tee and brownish pants. i know, you were so attracted to my beautiful face that you saw nothing else!!

miss you!

Marie said...

okay, I am dork! I just can't see your butt! Must be your mouth that has me amazed! Are you going to be home for Grey's Anatomy? I am on count down mode. I can't wait!!!!

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