Sunday, August 6, 2006

scenes from the rehearsal

a change for me - being a bridesmaid, not photographing the wedding, simply photographing bits and pieces of the experience. so for the times i was able to have zoomy the zoomlens, i shot a few that i really really loved.

michael and kristine, with father dave imparting his infinite wisdom. i do realize, father, that i got your 'second favorite side'. forgive me! :)

he's telling mike that one of the most important things is to remember that his wedding date will become his anniversary date, and it's a date to never forget. good advice.

in the first, kristine with the 'fake wedding license' as father dave calls it...

the second, michael hugging karen (kristine's mom) as chuck (kristine's dad) looks on...and they rehearse giving kristine away. he just loves the two of them...and is so excited to have chuck as a father-in-law.

amelia (one of kristine's best friends) with isaac (the son of another of kristine's best friends, cheri). his little smile when he was playing with amelia made me laugh.

the girls in the back of the church, with the ribbon bouquet that my aunt sue began in may, when wedding shower season opened.

little brandon flanked by mike, best men jonathan and chris, and groomsman b.a. - giving brandon's trademarked bunny ears.

and you should always have a self-portrait of three hotties.

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