Monday, August 21, 2006

on the hogs

stacey and leon...

married eight years (nine next july ♥) and have two fabulous boys, 6 and 3. both excelled at the quiet game (when it was 'game on') and drank all my diet coke. the boys educated my mom on the cell phone as we were driving from point defiance to get ice cream, explaining what happens to summer...

"did you know that summer is over?"
"how do you know?"
"because it's dark out now. that means summer is over."

there was so much emotion (especially during the 'skinned knee' experience) surrounding this family...with an unbelievable amount of love. stacey and her husband are great parents - and are raising two sons who bring so much joy to this world.

a few of my favorites are just have to see both boys' expressions in these. they just make me laugh...

leonte is a good big brother - protective and loving. i learned all about school and life in their world with their friends... "they better not mess with my little brother! i'll go after them!"

and my favorite of their goofy faces...

"miss shelley, when are you going to come back and have a sleepover?"

sooner rather than later, i'd bet! :)

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