Saturday, August 19, 2006

ninety seconds

filmed yesterday in tacoma in my big new office.

oh wait, that's still dad's office. twice as big as mine.

in the photo, you see randy peck of peck films and stephanie christensen of the american cancer society. we were shooting twenty minutes of interviews which will ultimately be cut to my ninety seconds of fame...or even my seventy-five seconds. :)

the two of them, with gordon from peck, were so much fun to work with.

this year, merrill is opening their fall giving campaign (formerly known as the united way campaign) up to two other non-profits...acs and the heart association. for the newly-named workplace giving campaign, they are featuring a handful of people in the firm (of 60,000+ employees!) who have been involved with the nonprofits being added.

i had the chance to share about the fabulous work the society does, our incredible relay team from the complex, and how excited we are at the prospect of finding and funding the cure through our giving at the firm.

the film is being overnighted back to our video production team at ml on the east coast, with photos from our relay. with the footage from heart and the united way, it will make the 2006 national workplace giving feature at my company.

and because i picked up some of brian marlow's 'talking with your hands moves', i had to sit on them the entire time. :)

so coming to an ml office near you...shelley, sitting on her hands.

...while raving about the american cancer society.


Kris said...

What a GREAT photo of you in your rather large office. Someone must be learning from your magnificent photographic skills....or maybe, its just the equipment. Regardless, where is my "kris babbitt photography" brush????

shelley said...

edited to add...

the vital kbp brush. :)

forgive me!

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