Thursday, August 10, 2006

my first pages

i mailed off my circle journal yesterday (because i am lame and obviously don't think that andrea's timeline applies to me - just kidding!) to andi...

my theme is "who am i?" and these were my pages on me. i'm not crazy about the second page, but since it's my book, i might re-do it when i get it back.

received dana's in the mail today (i love mail!!) and can't wait to get started on her topic: inspiration.

and for andrea, who hasn't been sold on the idea that digital pages can be as cool as the paper pages...just wait until you see my 'handwriting' in the book. just for you! ♥


Anonymous said...

Shelley, Shelley, Shelley!
Actually thats OK, I think we all are running a bit behind! It will just end up being a 14 week circle instead of 7. And I never said digital wasnt "cool" I'm just old fashioned and like my scissors! Cant wait to see your journal live!

Anonymous said...

Shelley those look amazing! Cathy Zielske (my scrapbooking goddess) does a lot of digital and I am always amazed by it. Can't wait to learn from your pages!!!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I got mine out on time ladies. he he, but I will have some problems next week since I am heading to the beach. Since I have to mail mine to the other side of the world (Samantha) I am trying to stay ahead of the pace. That's me Claudine "trying to be the star pupil" Just kidding. Love the pages! I need to try some digital

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