Wednesday, August 9, 2006

a good hair day

a few of my favorite miss jeannie...

an amazing young woman with an incredible voice. i met her at st. andrew's, when she was just starting high school, and have watched her grow into a confident, fabulous gal.

we did a road trip of tacoma last night - and in 87 minutes, hit a little shop in ruston, the waterfront, by the mall, the bridge of glass, two dirt roads, ted brown music company, two spots in downtown tacoma (one with a very cool tiled wall), and a huge stairwell that she did in heels.

one of my favorite unexpected spots was this abandoned little building right on tacoma mall boulevard, right near the intersection of 56th. i loved it.

i wouldn't be surprised to see more of her on through my eyes or perhaps, another website. :)

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