Wednesday, July 5, 2006

celebrating independence day

at the ft. lewis freedom fair...

the sixth or seventh year of seeing mikey shoot the show with western fireworks - it's one of the largest hand-lit shows on the west coast. they changed up the show this year, adding a ton of new shells and some sweet variations - i love the purply magentaey shell with the gold prickly shell. yup, those are the technical names.

i was bummed that i missed mikey's show last night on liberty bay in poulsbo, so i hustled to finish the last of my weekend projects so i could check it out tonight. so worth it. i missed all my catholic posse who are normally there...but i know we'll all be chilling on the river next weekend in eastern washington! ♥

a few of my favorites tonight are above. click on them to enlarge them.

and you've got to see my mucho favorito shot from the night - of the howlitzers. it is so groovy that it makes me grin thinking about it.

mikey and kristine, behind the tubes that hold the shells. they are lit by hand with road flares. it's something to see. and since it's july 4th...hard to believe the wedding is just one month from today!

and because i love competitions, i'll give a dollar to the first person that knows what i'm doing while i'm shooting the self-portrait below. those of you who know me and love me will guess it right on the money. :)


Kris said...

smellavision at her finest? Can I have my dollar now?

shelley said...

you know, in a scary way, that's probably correct. :)

foxmulder said...

You are unbelievable.

Amy said...

I hope you are not doing what I think you are...

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