Wednesday, June 28, 2006

on location: ferry street

landed in michigan, and thanks to hotwire, ended up a fabulous little boutique hotel called the inn on ferry street. i'll admit, the avis car rental chick had me terrified i was checking into the ghetto, but it's really a beautiful little place.

the inn is a collection of four restored victorian homes - i'm in the one on the right (the gray castle looking one) called the pungs house. built in 1891 as the home of william pung, v.p. of the michigan railroad supply company and founder of the anderson carriage company. i'm on the third floor, and as it was built in 1891, elevators do not exist. i think that it's good thing for i lugged my three bags up three flights. :)

just ordered dinner from union street - some scooby doo pasta - and ready to call it a night. lots going on tomorrow - meetings galore and hopefully mass at the cathedral of the blessed sacrament.

but first, wanted to share my favorite photo i've taken since i arrived in michigan...a some flowers across the street from the inn, in the flower beds at wayne state university.

good night from michigan! ♥

{ ps...this was my 400th post! }


Anonymous said...

i dig the new banner!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Shelley!

I didn't know where to email you... but I think you will understand this...



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