Sunday, February 26, 2006

hakuna matata

just returned from the wilds of the olympic peninsula...

a great time hiking, sleeping, adventuring with viper and the fam, and the most controversial game of seahawks monopoly that i'd ever played. (it was also the only game of seahawks monopoly i'd ever played, but that's besides the point.) i discovered where i got my cutthroat competitive nature from, and her nickname is big k. just long enough to have some downtime, and to head back here for a full week.

i finished some tweaks to the relay for life website i've been building, and i'm happy with where it's at now. there's a lot to be developed yet, but now that the framework is built, it's more adding/changing than creating. you should check it out. and you should start thinking about how much you want to donate towards my team, because we are very cool. and we rock. and we're going to help find the cure for cancer. :)

off to st. andrew's in a few, for life teen and a very tough night about teens and cutting. please pray for us, and for everyone involved. it should be a very powerful night. ♥

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