Thursday, February 2, 2006

a digital collage

snug as a bug in a rug, i am.

it's raining outside, and i am cozy in my yellow playroom, with viper sitting on my back, and i am ready to do my taxes. so what do i do first?

take my week 5 class of big picture scrapbooking.

talk about creative procrastination.

the theme this week was creating a work of art, describing your life, into something you can hang in your home. continuing my quest to be fully digital, i created my first digital collage. if you look closely, you'll see the digital stitching and digital paint strokes, featuring one of my favorite photos of mike and me, taken by my papa.

enough creativity for the night. onto uncle sam. refund, i'm calling out to you!

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Janet Lee said...

Love the collage.
I too am a digital collage person. I also love my iPod and collection of digital cameras (an Olympus Camedia 5050 and Sony Cybershot point-and-shoots as well as an Olympus Evolt digital SLR).
You can check out my blog at www.

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